Miscellaneous Fees

Brokerage Fees
ACH Recall/Reversal/Return $35.00
Bond Redemption $15.00
Cancel and Re-bill $20.00
Certificate Held in Safe Keeping at FSW $100.00 per year
Certificate Processing Fee/Deposit Fee (NYSE, NASDAQ)
Pink Sheet and Bulletin Board Stock not accepted
$75.00 per cusip, per deposit,
plus applicable fees [1]
Copy of Past Confirmation $5.00
Copy of Past Statement $5.00
Dividend Reinvestment Program No Fee
DRS Statement Withdrawal $30.00 [2]
DTC Non-Transferable Fee $15.00 per month
DTC Non-Transferable Securities Held $150.00 annually
DWAC and DRS Process Fee $75.00 plus transfer agent fees
Inactivity Fee


Inactivity Fee

An account is considered inactive when there are less than 2 trades in the past 12 months or if there are less than $10,000 in credit or debit balances.

Index Option Exchange Fees
Non-ACAT Eligible Securities – Full $75.00
Non-ACAT Eligible Securities – Partial $35.00
Non-DTCC Eligible Securities $100.00 plus pass thru fees[1]
NSCC Illiquid Securities Fee Varies
OCC Fees - Trades with Contracts of:  
   0-1100 $0.05 per contract
   Greater than 1100 $55.00 per trade
Options Regulatory Fee (ORF)

Options Regulatory Fee (ORF)

$0.0415 per contract
Overnight Check Fee $20.00
Physical Certificate Held at DTC Delivery Fee $100.00

Physical Certificate Held at Hilltop Securities in Street Name or Client Name

$150.00 per year
Professional Data Fees

Professional User means a subscriber who:

(a)   uses the Information for more than personal investment purposes;
(b)  plans to furnish or use the Information with any other person(s) as part of any type of business activity (customer service, investor relations, public relations financial planning, etc.) even if it is outside of the Securities marketplace;
(c)   is using the Information as or on behalf of a firm, corporation, partnership, trust or association and not as an individual for personal use;   
(d)   is a securities broker-dealer, registered representative, investment advisor, investment banker, futures commission merchant, commodities introducing broker or commodity trading advisor, money manager, financial planning advisor, member of the Securities Exchange or Association or Futures Contract market, or any owner, partner or associated person of the foregoing;
(e)   is employed by a bank or an insurance company or an affiliate of either performing functions related to securities or commodity futures investment or trading activity; or
(f)    otherwise meets the definition of a professional user, as defined from time to time by any Exchange or similar Information Provider from whom the Subscriber is receiving Information.

$125.00 per month
Reg T Extension $20.00
Reorganization – Mandatory No Fee
Reorganization – Voluntary $50.00
Retirement Accounts  
Simple IRAs  
   Simple IRA 5304 Annual Fee $45.00
   Simple IRA 5305 Annual Fee $100.00
   Simple IRA Setup Fee $100.00
Traditional, Roth, Rollover, SEP IRAs & Coverdell ESAs  
   IRA Annual Fee $15.00
   IRA Setup Fee No Charge
   IRA Termination Fee $50.00
Returned Check $40.00
Right or Warrant Exercise – Voluntary $50.00
Right or Warrant Exercise – Mandatory No Charge
SEC Transaction Fee

SEC Transaction Fee - New Rate Effective 7/4/2017

Beginning July 4, 2017, the fee rates applicable to most securities transactions will be set at $23.10 per million dollars. The current Commission rate of $21.80 per million for transactions will continue on charge dates through July 3, 2017, and the new rate of $23.10 per million for transactions occurring on charge dates on or after July 4, 2017 will be applied.

For more information on the term "charge date," please refer to Rule 31(a)(3) and Exchange Act Release No. 49928 http://www.sec.gov/rules/final/34-49928.htm.

How to Calculate:
Multiply the sale/principal amount of the transaction by the fee rate. Truncate at the seventh place after the decimal point. Truncate the resulting figure at the fifth place after the decimal point and round up to the nearest cent (Always round up if there is a remainder).

For more information visit the FINRA web site http://www.sec.gov/divisions/marketreg/mrfreqreq.shtml.

Updates to fees are made on a best efforts basis, however all fees are subject to change without notice. For current information and updates, please refer to the appropriate web site.

Short Stock Hard to Borrow Fee
Statements & Confirms  
   Electronic Statements Free
   Electronic Confirms Free
   Paper Statements Free
   Paper Confirmations $1.00 per trade
  Voluntary Per Position $50.00
  Mandatory No Fee
Trading Activity Fee (TAF)
  Stocks & ETF's $0.000119 per share (max. $5.95 per trade)
  Options $0.002 per contract
  Covered Debt Securities $0.00075 per bond (max. $0.75 per trade)
Transfer and Ship Request $550.00
Transfer Out - Full $60.00
Transfer Out - Partial $50.00
Wire Transfers  
  Wire Transfer $30.00
  Recalled or Returned Wire $50.00

Important Note: Modifying a partially executed order, also known as a cancel/replace, is considered a new order and will incur a separate commission if the modified order is executed.

[1] Applicable fees include wire fees, rejection fees, and shipping fees, redeposit fees, transfer agent fees, DWAC fees, and agent fees.

[2] A DRS statement is sent only when a security is returned to the transfer agent to hold in book entry form.

Fees & Commissions effective as of 6/1/2018. All fees subject to change without notice.