Keeping Your Account Secure

Investrade Discount Securities takes cyber security seriously by implementing a secure environment and taking steps to protect customer assets, employees and our customers’ personally identifiable information. In order to protect against potential cyber-terrorism and hackers who target financial firms, Investrade Discount Securities has policies and procedures ensuring Cyber security, Identity Theft, and General Security Preparedness. Additionally, Investrade Discount Securities has a comprehensive Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity plan, and periodically performs testing of Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity readiness tasks.

While we take numerous steps to help protect the security of your account, there are steps that you, the customer, can take to protect your account as well. To help protect your personal identity and prevent your personal information from being disseminated to unauthorized individuals, always remember to remain vigilant by keeping your personal and financial information secure, and be aware of “Phishing” and fraudulent emails and suspicious websites.

Unsecure Computers and Wireless Networks

Unsecured wireless networks pose a significant risk to computing assets and information. In general, unsecured wireless networks should be avoided and should never be used as a primary networking resource.

Additionally, the following brochures describe the critical steps you can take to safeguard your financial accounts and help prevent identity theft.

Please read "Keeping Your Account Secure - Tips for Protecting Your Financial Information" provided by the Securities Industry and Financial Marketing Association (SIFMA) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

"Phishing" and Other Online Identity Theft Scams: Don't Take the Bait

If you have any questions about how we keep your account information safe, please email us at