What is Margin Lending?

Margin lending allows you the flexibility to use your existing investment portfolio as collateral to purchase additional investments, or as a lending alternative to borrowing outside of traditional sources. You may use the funds at your discretion, even for personal needs.

If you are leveraging your existing portfolio to purchase additional investments, the benefits of low margin rates can significantly outweigh your commission charges. How much margin interest do you pay annually to your broker?

For personal needs, at what interest rate are you currently paying for your car loan, credit cards, education financing or personal line of credit? Investrade clients benefit from some of the lowest interest rates in the industry and typically are charged a lower interest rate compared to other types of loans.

Annual Margin Loan Savings Calculator
How much will you save?
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If you are borrowing for personal needs, enter the amount to borrow from a traditional lending source and the corresponding
interest rate. (Do not use commas.)
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Open a Margin Account

Open a margin account, complete the margin agreement and follow the steps to transfer your portfolio. Call 1-800-498-7120 to determine the dollar value you can borrow against your investments as collateral. Once a margin agreement is on file, you essentially are pre-approved to use your credit-line whenever you choose. By setting up a margin account, you have no obligation to borrow. Margin borrowing can be accessed at your convenience.

If you already have an Investrade account and are considering using margin, you must have sufficient buying power and eligible securities in your account as well as a completed Margin Account Agreement on file

Smart Investors Know to Think Beyond Commissions

For many investors, their account is impacted by the cost of high margin rates, not the cost of commission. If you carry a margin balance, consider the impact of “borrowing smarter” with Investrade. Investrade's Base Rate is set by comparing various commercial interest rates, internal and external cost factors and other competitive factors. The Base Rate is subject to change without notice.

As of 8/1/2023 the current Base Rate is 10.45%

Daily Average $ Debit Balance
Base Rate
Margin Rate
Less than $25,000
Base Rate
Base Rate -0.5%
Base Rate -1%
Base Rate -2%
Base Rate -3%

Click here for the risks involved with trading securities in a margin account.

The calculator presented by Investrade is merely a tool for you to estimate hypothetical calculations and is for illustrative purposes only. Results obtained are based on information that you yourself provide and the figures shown may not be applicable to your individual situation. Accuracy is not guaranteed.